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April 17 2012


Something I wrote when I was a 9th grader.. :/ (True though, lol)

This one's for the girls, ladies, or women who's having "boy" problems,

Just because something isn't happening for you right now doesn't mean that it will never happen. Haha because trust me, just believe in your dreams! Because, anything can happen if you truly believe!

I believed, and I'm happier than anyone can ever be! I never gave up hope! And I'm still gonna climb high and never go down hill ever again!

I love you baby! D.R.A. <3 I promised you forever and always, no matter fucking what when I was in 7th grade! And I'm keeping that promise babe! I love you! :') #NeverLettingGo!

April 16 2012

Dear guys, being a dick isn't going to make yours any bigger.
— Drake
3752 c37e
Me and my blue hair! :)
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